Parent 411
Parents, rest completely assured, at a RISE Residential Community , your student is in expert hands. Our award-winning organization is a recognized leader among industry specialists. We have been in operation since 1997 and currently oversee student communities in15 different states, effectively caring for more than 16,000 student clients nationwide!

Students have a choice about where they want to live, plus a lot of other important decisions to make as part of the college experience. We do our part to relieve stress by providing comfortable and carefree living environments. Their home today is the launching pad for the next stage of their exciting lives. 
As a parent, you have many considerations to address before making a housing decision for your student. We want to empower you with the information you need to make the right decision for your family. Feel free to contact the manager for additional assistance. 
A happy home is an enormous leg up on your student's path to success. Our residents are always eager to share their enthusiasm about living in an Ambling community. 
Findings reveal that students living in student apartments are often more studious, socially responsible, and involved in campus activities. Use our online comparison tool and see why it takes more than just simple math to calculate the benefits of living in a student apartment. 
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